Podcast Interview

On Friday, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Jackie Zukerman for her podcast The Social Scene. Of course we talked a lot about logo design and brand development, but you can also hear a little bit more about my past design work and what I was doing before K.Cooke Designs.

Listen to the Podcast

Ken is the Founder and Creative Director of K.Cooke Designs. K.Cooke designs is based out of Atlanta, GA, but Ken travels nationwide to help his clients. On the Social Scene we learn all about his over 10 years of varied experience ranging from signage to publishing. We also learn all about some fabulous clients we has worked with and more!
— Jackie Zukerman

K.Cooke Designs | Weekly Update #1

This is the first post for what I plan on becoming a weekly series. The weekly updates will mainly consist of links to articles I have found interesting throughout the week. I am always coming across interesting articles, posts and visuals. This will be your recourse for all that is new when it comes to branding, business and design.

How to fix your Logo

When is the last time you took a really good look at your logo? Here is a checklist for you to see if are making any of these common logo mistakes.

Small Bussiness Lessons Learned in 2014

What better time than now to look back at 2014? Learn from the challenges that other small business owners have faced and how they overcame them.

Most popular fonts of 2014

Who doesn't love a good font? This is a great list of the most popular fonts in 2014 from myfont.com.

Paint Water Mug

If you have ever painted anything, you need this coffee mug. 

Atlanta Creates

In the summer of 2013, Buffy Dekmar approached me about being one the the Atlanta-based artists she was going to feature as part of her “Atlanta Creates” project. With Atlanta Creates, Buffy interviews and photographs the artists behind the thriving Atlanta creative community. I was so excited about this opportunity. Moving down to Atlanta only 13 months prior and still in the midst of a website build, I knew this could be great for me and for K.Cooke Designs. Buffy came over on a Friday afternoon to shoot me in the studio. The process was anything but natural for me. Like many creatives, I am more comfortable behind the scenes at photo shoots than in front of the camera. Buffy made it an awesome experience and I am grateful for her time! Here is what Buffy had to say about the experience.

Ken Cooke is a creative graphic designer and branding expert based in Atlanta, Georgia, serving clients all over the world. He welcomed us into his studio for a glimpse into his creative process. Ken believes that every brand has a story, and it is his mission to help them tell that story through their logo, website, and overall brand image. He and his team are doing just that, through K. Cooke Designs. A Jersey boy at heart, love is what brought Ken to the South. Read his interview below to find out what fuels his creative spirit

The rest of the article can be found at Atlanta Creates.

The experience was great and I look forward to seeing and reading about the remaining featured Atlanta Creatives. Thank you, Buffy.