Brilliant. New Collections

Earlier this summer our client brilliant. Atlanta came to me with a fun project. Create graphics to help promote their new jewelry collections. Each collection is regional and features jewelry from local designers. What we came up with is regional inspired line drawings. All were hand drawn by Ken. They are fun, simple and clean with just enough personality to be memorable. 

GIFs on Facebook

There was some news last week that Facebook was adding a proper auto play GIF feature to their news feed. This would allow the automatic playing all GIFs. This has been a much debated feature and is prevalent in other social media platforms such as Instagram and Tumblr. I tested multiple different ways last week and it looks like the GIF auto play feature is not working as advertised. There is possibility that it has only been made available to a small percent of users. More to come on this. Until then you will have to enjoy awesome GIFs like the one I made below (or more likely GIFs of cats) websites, Tumblr or Instagram.

Putting Yourself Out There

Show us who you are

A challenge for many small businesses is the ability to show their work as opposed to just talking about their work. Whether you have a tangible product or are service-based, there are many factors that set businesses apart. Make sure that thing that makes you unique and stand out is visible and apparent to potential customers and clients. This is something I heavily stress when working with new clients. It is something we put a lot of attention on here.

The same goes for our business. You can't tell someone you're a graphic designer. You have to show them. 

When it comes to your work and your business, remember it isn't just good enough to just say who/what you are, show who you are.

American Flags For Your Office

It is a little known fact that we will be moving the studio/office in the next few weeks. To a bigger and better space. With Memorial Day around the corner, we have been drawing inspiration from the stars and stripes. Below are a few of our favorite spaces that incorporate this look. And please don't forget to take a moment this weekend to remember all those that have served.